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FactWorks is the serious market researcher’s friend. At its core, the company excels in terms of research design and advanced analysis, but it likewise stands out for its integrity, dedication, client service ethic, structured thinking, and storytelling capabilities. For high visibility, business-critical custom research projects, FactWorks is always my first option.

David Spievack, VP Research and Analytical Services, VISA 

I've had the pleasure of working with FactWorks at three different client-side companies. FactWorks has consistently been top of mind as a research partner because of the excellent teams that they have assigned to my research studies. They are extremely quality minded, thoughtful, and adaptive in their approach to research design, analysis, and reporting deliverables. I greatly appreciate their partnership spirit and the value-added insights they provide.

Rob Kahn, Head of Advertiser Satisfaction, Facebook

In February 2016, Facebook, the OECD and the World Bank launched the Future of Business Survey - a global, monthly survey of small and medium-sized businesses. We are extremely grateful for FactWorks’ partnership on this effort.  Their skill, expertise, and responsiveness has helped the project succeed, and we are looking forward to growing this initiative with them in the future.

Molly Jackman, Public Policy Research, Facebook

The team from FactWorks has been critical in helping us scale our research strategy for the Future of Business survey. Our account manager has provided tireless support and analytical insight to ensure that our academic publications are completed in a fashion that meets the needs of our partners and the timeliness of our organization. Their customer service and dedication to client success is first rate. 

Laura McGorman, Public Policy Research, Facebook

I have received excellent service from FactWorks on our Customer Experience tracker which is a key piece of research for the Skype team.  The team at FactWorks are really approachable, pay attention to detail and always go the extra mile. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Rachel Cassidy, Research Manager, Skype

Die Beratung und Betreuung bei gemeinsamen Conjoint-Studien war absolut spitze, man fühlt sich in sehr fähigen Händen. Die Konfiguration und das Pricing eines neuen Produktes vertrauen in hohem Maße auf die Ergebnisse dieser Studien. FactWorks ist über Jahre hinweg ein sehr zuverlässiger Partner, der uns mit hohem Engagement und Kundenorientierung erfolgreiche Projekte beschert. 

Christine Möller, Manager Customer Insights Germany, eBay

Dank der marktforscherischen Fachkompetenz von FactWorks konnten wir einen neuen Service an Customer Insights ausrichten und mit großem Erfolg in den Markt einführen.

Volker Wohlfarth, VP Customer, ImmobilienScout24

I would like to thank you especially for your contribution and commitment to the project over the past few months. The schedule was tight but you delivered on time and quality and had an important contribution to the success of this large-scale project which you were part of.

Paul Dermarkar, Future Projects Engineer, Airbus

In my previous company, I worked extensively with FactWorks on a multi-country customer satisfaction program. Due to their strong analytical background and dedication to get the best outcome for me as their client, their team felt like an extended part of my internal insight function. It was a pleasure working with them and I would highly recommend them.

Kevin MacDonald, Head of Insight, Broadband and Voice, British Telecom

Dank Factworks können wir wichtige Entscheidungsprozesse an relevanten und validen Insights über unsere Kunden ausrichten. Dabei profitieren wir nicht nur von der marktforscherischen Kompetenz des Factworks-Teams, sondern auch von der fundierten Erfahrung im eCommerce-Umfeld. Besonders geschätzt habe ich den ehrlichen und vorausschauenden Beratungsansatz, nicht das erstbeste sondern das langfristig wertvollste zu empfehlen. Dabei war die Zusammenarbeit von Anfang bis Ende sehr angenehm.

David Uhl, Senior Manager Strategy & Market Research, Brands4Friends

I have had the pleasure of working with FactWorks on a project with a very tight timeline over Christmas. FactWorks was very efficient in setting up the team, providing a project plan and getting the necessary IT support live. During the project FactWorks kept us updated on a weekly basis. The insights and details, as well as the management summary provided by the team helped us to achieve our set goals. It was a pleasure to work with FactWorks and I would highly recommend them anytime.

Joerg Feldheim, Managing Director, Volkswagen Financial Services | Rent-a-Car

FactWorks has been an excellent partner for developing and implementing long-term measurement tools for our marketing activities in a lean and reliable way.

Iskra Velichkova, Senior Brand Manager, eBay Kleinanzeigen


Globale Forschung

In Deutschland, Europa und den USA vertrauen internationale Branchenführer, DAX- und Fortune 500-Unternehmen sowie innovative Start-ups auf unsere Marktforschungskompetenz und -expertise. Jedes zweite Projekt bei uns hat einen internationalen Fokus. Die Weltkarte unten zeigt Länder, in denen FactWorks schon Marktforschungsstudien durchgeführt hat.


Schon kurz nach seiner Gründung konnte FactWorks namhafte internationale Kunden, vor allem aus dem Silicon Valley, gewinnen. Um diesen ständig wachsenden Kundenstamm in den USA und insbesondere im Silicon Valley noch besser zu betreuen, hat FactWorks in 2012 eine Niederlassung in San Francisco eröffnet.


Zufriedene Kunden sind unser Wachstumstreiber

Unser kontinuierliches Wachstum basiert größtenteils auf zufriedenen Kunden, die ihre Zusammenarbeit mit uns ausbauen und uns weiterempfehlen. Da interne Richtlinien insbesondere bei unseren großen, internationalen Kunden die namentliche Nennung nicht erlauben, können wir hier nur eine Auswahl als Referenz zeigen.









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