If your goal is to become acquainted with the fundamentals of market research, FactWorks provides customized training tailored to your needs.



Full Service Market Research


Comprehensive services from a single provider

As a full-service company, we guide you throughout your market research project – from the qualitative preliminary study, to the quantitative main study, and on through our specific recommendations for management and implementation. An experienced senior research consultant is in charge of your project through all its phases. This gives you the advantage of project leaders who are well acquainted with all aspects and ramifications of a project, and a partner who can competently respond to any of your questions. Our customers testify to how well our concept functions: FactWorks delivers all-around hassle-free projects with consistently high service at all project phases. Always.

Posing the question

Defining the problem is the most crucial factor to ensure successful of market research projects. That’s why we invest substantial time to understand your business question and identify the appropriate research questions. This ensures that you receive the exact information you need to make the right decisions.

Method selection

You won’t find any ready-made solutions here. We select the method that answers your questions validly and in the best way. It doesn’t always require a highly complex process. If a simple contingency table is all it takes, we’ll solve the problem with a contingency table.

Project implementation

We truly value transparency. That doesn’t simply mean we are happy to discuss our methods with you, but also that we regularly inform you of the current status of your project, without waiting for you to ask.

The results

We organize our presentations so that you understand things at first glance. Even complex relationships can be simply and clearly displayed with good visuals.

The recommended course of action

We give you specific answers to your project questions and derive clear recommendations for courses of action, marketing, and management decisions. Equipped with the facts we provide for you, you’ll be better prepared to make successful decisions.


DIY Market Research

Our expertise supports your internal market research

It often happens that customers wish to partially or completely do their own market research projects, perhaps because of budget restrictions or other strategic considerations. Selective support provided by an external market research service provider ensures the quality of such a project.

Targeted support for successful in-house projects

FactWorks is there for you in cases exactly like the one mentioned above. We’ll support you in those specific project phases in which you particularly need our expert knowledge. Precisely and efficiently. Regardless of which phase of a project you may find yourself in or what type of support you require from us, you can pick out the goodies you need from our service portfolio.


Fast Track Market Research

Fast results for special situations: last-minute check-in

Sound familiar? You’re at the airport and boarding has already begun. The security lines are long, but you absolutely must catch your flight. You may run into a similar situation with a market research project: Sometimes our clients need fast and highly pertinent results, whether for a management meeting, a board meeting, a product launch, or an imminent acquisition.

Market research on the Fast Track

That’s why we offer our clients a Fast Track option. We help you win your race against time. With our expertise and flexibility, we’ve positioned ourselves to implement projects quickly and efficiently. And of course we’re committed to maintaining our FactWorks standard of quality and precision. Just like the Fast Track at the airport, our Fast Track service is no less thorough than the normal track. Because sloppiness is unacceptable in either place.


Community Management


Keyword: Open Innovation

Online communities are becoming more instrumental in the innovation process, because after all, who knows your products better than the users? Online group discussions, idea competitions, co-creation, online diaries, prediction markets, even classic online surveys – all provide a plethora of opportunities for applying this extensive consumer know how to your new product development, during every phase of the innovation process.

Profit from our experience

FactWorks is at your side during the setup, management, and further development of your online community. Our experienced experts will advise you on all matters of community management, and will support you with the planning, implementation, and analysis of qualitative and quantitative studies of your customer community. Of course, we also offer this service for employee innovation communities.


Training and Consulting

No matter if your goal is to become acquainted with the fundamentals of market research, to gain an overview of the most important analytical processes and their applications, or to delve deeper into a specific method, FactWorks provides suitable training. In a structured group workshop, we ascertain your goals and requirements, and develop a training program that is perfectly tailored to you and your co-workers.

Expert advice on methodological questions

We also provide consulting on fundamental methodological questions or the optimization of your market research. Our clients regularly rely on our expert advice when it comes to complex research designs and choosing the appropriate methodology.

Defining directions for your market research

As part of the optimization of your market research, we’ll take an in-depth inventory of your market research activities and procedures. We’ll build on that inventory to determine how your company can optimize its strategic market research plans. We’ll also advise you during the operational implementation and budget allocation.


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