Winners of BVM "Preis der deutschen Marktforschung" 2018


We are proud winners of „BVM Innovationspreis 2018 - Preis der deutschen Marktforschung“!

In cooperation with Research Now SSI we investigated the potential of audio captures in online surveys and conducted a representative study in Germany and the United Kingdom.

The award ceremony took place yesterday afternoon on occasion of the BVM Congress in Hamburg. Our Head of Marketing Nadja Böhme presented the topic together with Oliver Tjarks from Research Now SSI.

Read a full article about our research (only in German) on the Planung&Analyse website. 

June 12, 2018


We're nominated for BVM Innovationspreis


We are proud to announce that we’re among the three nominees for BVM Innovationspreis 2018.

Together with Research Now SSI we are nominated for our research on audio capturing of open-ended questions in online surveys. In a multi-country comparison study we analyzed the content of audio open ends vs. text open ends, also employing latest insights from text analytics.

We will present results and practical implications on BVM congress on June 11 in Hamburg. Looking forward to meeting you there!

Find more info on the BVM website

Apr 26, 2018


A team trip to the mountains


To celebrate 15 years of FactWorks the entire team took an unforgettable anniversary trip to the Austrian mountains.


Filled with sun, snow adventures, great food and drinks, music and laugther, we experienced the most perfect days of relaxation and fun.


With activities such as skiing, langlauf, tobagganing, snowshoe hiking, curling, après-ski and wellness, everyone found their options for a dreamy winter getaway. For some it was the first time on skis, but also the advanced skiers enjoyed the perfect piste conditions.


One thing's for sure: This trip has been a blast and will stay in our memories from now on.


Looking forward to many more successful years for FactWorks. Thanks for everyone who supported us on our road to this achievement.

Mar 16, 2018


See what we’ve been up to in 2017

2017 has been an exciting year for us. It was our first full year at the EUREF campus, we celebrated our 15th anniversary, and got to welcome many new faces, all of them adding new facets to our team. We were sportive, toured around the world to attend conferences, and drank a lot of coffee. And of course, we conducted new and thrilling projects. But see for yourself:


Feb 2, 2018


Early bird for seminar until Jan 26


Alex (Director at FactWorks) will give a full-day seminar for BVM in spring 2018 (Thu, April 12) and you can still benefit from an attractive early bird rate until Jan 26.

Building on his extensive experience in conjoint, Alex will give participants an introduction into different conjoint-based techniques for measuring preferences for pricing and product research.

The seminar will be held in German and primarily addresses (corporate) market researchers and insights managers who want to get a better understanding of conjoint analysis and which method to use for certain research purposes (CBC, ACBC, MBC). 
For registration and more info click here

Jan 18, 2018


All the best wishes from FactWorks!


This holiday season forget about the numbers and focus on the things that matter most.

For us at FactWorks, those include family and friends, laughter and comfort, and the relationships we've built with people like you.

So from all of us, to all to all of you, happy holidays. See you in 2018!

Dec 21, 2017


New article in planung&analyse 6/2017


In our newest publication we put together major findings from our multi-country research conducted together with Research Now.

With voice assistants, smart speakers, and audio messaging on the rise, we took the occasion to conduct a research on the current acceptance of audio captures in online surveys. In Germany and the United Kingdom we asked an online representative sample of 2,300 people to answer a short questionnaire with open end questions - some of them using traditional text boxes, some of them including voice recording.

How is giving audio answers accepted among respondents in comparison to common text box answers and are topics addressed comparable? Read about our findings in the newest planung&analyse issue

Dec 12, 2017


Join us at ESOMAR Big Data World in New York


Albrecht will give a presentation together with Greta Baisch (Facebook) tomorrow at ESOMAR Big Data World in New York.

For the ESOMAR session "Mobile Fueling Big Data" they will provide insights into a research on how local shopping is evolving through digital and mobile. They will present a segmentation of local businesses which builds on big data to enable a detailed understanding of the local shopping landscape and customers' motivations to shop locally.

If you cannot make it to the conference you can join the live ESOMAR broadcast - registration here

Nov 28, 2017


Research & Results next week in Munich


Visit our workshop on the usefulness of audio captures in online surveys next week at Research & Results in Munich (Thursday, Oct 26 - 10.45 am).

Nadja Böhme, Director and Head of Marketing at FactWorks, will present together with Oliver Tjarks, VP Client Development at Research Now. Based on the soaring consumer trend of voice technology, they will provide insights on a jointly conducted multi-country research which compared traditional text open ends with the novel approach of capturing audio responses.

Don't miss your chance to hear about their findings! You can still register for the conference for free.

Oct 19, 2017


Research plus in Cologne on Sept 6


Adrian will be talking at Research plus Rheinland organized by DGOF (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Online-Forschung) next Wednesday (Sept 6).

Taking place at "die wohngemeinschaft" situated in the city center of Cologne, he will contribute to the program by giving insights into his research on quality criteria in online surveys. In the multi-country study which was conducted last year together with Research Now, Adrian analyzed the effectiveness of trap questions in comparison to other common quality criteria used for data cleaning.

You can still join the event by registering for free.   

Sept 1, 2017


New photos in our team gallery

Since our office moving last December, we've gladly got to welcome many new faces to our team.

In order to get the full picture of everyone at FactWorks, we recently took new portraits in the new office surroundings.

Íf you want to get an impression, follow this path to see the full gallery: About us > FactWorks Team

170817_Team Mosaik_square_3

Aug 17, 2017


Trap questions in online surveys

In the recent issue of the German market research magazine "planung & analyse" (Vol. 3, 2017) our director Adrian Becker wrote an article about best practices in data cleaning for online surveys.

In this article, Adrian provides rich insights into a study which was conducted last year together with our research partner Research Now. In a multi-country study in 6 countries, they examined the effectiveness of trap questions for the purpose of cleaning out inattentive survey participants and compared it to the effectiveness of other popular quality checks.

If you want to get recommendations for an effective data cleaning in online surveys, get your digital copy or order the newest print issue of planung & analyse here.   


July 26, 2017


Our slot at this year's BVM Congress

On Tuesday, June 20, Albrecht will present at 52th "BVM Kongress der Deutschen Marktforschung".

This year's motto of the event being 'understanding and developing brands', Albrecht will provide insights into an approach how predictive modeling can be used to forecast brand preferences.

Click here to read more about the event.


June 15, 2017


After work get-together

On Tuesday this week, the EUREF campus management organized their first after-work event for all 2500 employees working on campus. We mingled with our neighbours and learned about the businesses in a laid back atmosphere, helped by chilled drinks, currywurst and great music.

We also had the opportunity to officially introduce FactWorks in a short and sweet Pecha Kucha style presentation, covering our inception 15 years ago in the living room of our founders to the present day, with 45 employees and our new headquarters on EUREF campus.

EUREF campus is a melting pot for innovative businesses around sustainability, mobility and future living. We feel closely connected to our neighbors and are always trying to bring innovation to the forefront for our clients and to support them with actionable research recommendations.

Thanks for the evening, EUREF campus management!


May 12, 2017


Welcoming our new office!

After our office moving to EUREF campus last December, we finally had the chance to celebrate this joyful occasion. True to the motto "Timetraveling with FactWorks", we looked back at how the company evolved over the last 15 years and transformed the office into a glittering party space. Many alumnis joined as we played mobile exit room games, air hockey and danced 'til the early hours.

Thanks to everyone who joined!


Mar 20, 2017


Nomination for the Best Practice Award

We are quite excited to be nominated for the Best Practice Award 2017 at this year's General Online Research Conference (GOR) hosted by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Online-Forschung (DGOF) and HTW University of Applied Sciences of Berlin.

Together with our research partner Facebook we will present the "Future of Business Survey", a large-scale project aiming to capture the well-being of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) around the globe. The project, which was brought to life by Facebook, OECD, and The World Bank, surveys SME owners in currently 33 countries owning a Facebook business page. Results of the survey are publicly accessible in an online dashboard and can help inform decision-makers at all levels and deliver insights that can help businesses grow.

Our 5 competitors include top-level speakers from the market research industry, that's why we can't wait to see who is going to win the coveted trophy on March 16!

See here the full list of competitors and their topics.  

Jan 31, 2017



The FactWorks team gathered sincere wishes for everyone who has been doing business with us in 2016.

May your 2017 be off-the-charts!


Jan 04, 2017



FactWorks, your partner for excellence in market research and analytics, is very pleased to announce that they have moved to EUREF Campus in Berlin-Schöneberg as of Dec 12. The new office will be the company’s headquarters, working closely with the established office in San Mateo, California.

“We are very excited about the idea behind the EUREF Campus and were very pleased to have found an attractive office here” says CEO of FactWorks, Manuela Krüger. “Over the last years and months FactWorks has grown to more than 40 employees and the new office, with its spacious and open environment, reflects our future plans to continue on that path.”

The EUREF Campus is a unique environment for innovative forward-looking projects in the center of Berlin forming around the iconic Gasometer landmark. Start-ups, established companies and research institutions have settled here to promote future mobility, energy sustainability and urban planning.

FactWorks’ client base largely consists of innovative key players in Technology, Digital and Financial Services. FactWorks offers these companies profound and intelligent recommendations distilled from market research findings and thereby promotes a common goal which unites the campus community: To foster innovation.

Berlin office address:
FactWorks GmbH
EUREF-Campus 10-11
10829 Berlin, Germany

For more information on the EUREF Campus click here and for more information on FactWorks check out our website or call +49 30 52680455-0.

Dec 16, 2016



After a great workshop at Research & Results in Munich last month, Adrian will present his findings on the usefulness of trap questions based on a multi-country comparison in a webinar. Together with Leila from Research Now he will provide actionable insights for high-quality data.

Watch here a short teaser from Research & Results to see what the webinar is going to be about:

The webinar will be held at in German on Dec, 7 at 11am CET, so if you want to sign up for it - you can do so here.

Nov 24, 2016 | TG




Don’t miss our joint workshop with Research Now at this year’s Research & Results in Munich (Wednesday, 10/26, 10.45 am, room 3).

Adrian will build on last year’s research on trap questions and provide a multi-national view on how to deal with "bad" respondents in online surveys. He will again team up with Fabian from Research Now to present most promising approaches for increased data quality in quantitative surveys – from an international perspective.

For your free workshop participation, click here.
See here the full workshop programme of Research & Results:

Oct 11, 2016 | TG



Developed in partnership between the OECD, World Bank and Facebook, the Future of Business Survey looks at insights and opportunities for growth from digitalized small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

In the first seven months since its launch, more than 90,000 SMEs across 22 countries have responded to the ongoing online survey, which is administered each month by FactWorks.

The full report for review and the interactive online dashboard can be found here:

Oct 5, 2016 | NB




When last Thursday the Dmexco – exposition and conference for digital marketing in Cologne – shut down its doors, it counted numerous new records. With over 50,700 visitors, 1,010 exhibitors and 570 speakers it’s now able to compete with the biggest marketing events globally. Big players in digital business showed up - Facebook, eBay and Google to name just a few - to present their ideas on how marketing and advertisement should be like from now on into the future. Some buzzwords to have on the radar this year were:

Mobile Marketing:
Mobile will be (surprise!) the future of every marketing campaign. As more and more internet activity comes from mobile devices, advertisers have to think of ways to catch customers’ attention on those smaller screens. Companies discover messenger apps as a personal communication channel where they can reach their customers one-on-one.

Programmatic Advertising:
Advertising processes are increasingly being automated. At Facebook and Google, where Programmatic Ads became popular, ads are placed using algorithms and real-time bidding functionality. Thus, artificial intelligence more and more opposes manual media planning.

Contextual Marketing:
As time of the customers becomes a valued good - there is just too much content out there - Contextual Marketing has become key. The advertiser’s message has to reach the customers with the right timing, on the right device and with the right content. The right content meaning everything needs to be personalized as well. Seems like demands for businesses marketers are getting ever more diverse and difficult.

With more and more data businesses gather from their customers and rising demands for individualized, multi-channel, contextual advertisement, market research and analytics will need to move ahead to conduct professional data analyses and give recommendations how to address customers effectively.

As one speaker at the event pointed out, only 12% of enterprise data is actually used for analytics today. Sounds like there is still room for improvement!

Sep 20, 2016 | TG



Technology is no doubt sexy as hell to consumers and thus this year’s IFA, as Berlin’s biggest exhibition for consumer electronics and home appliances, has another record year in terms of scope and visitors. The late summer date makes the IFA an ideal place for holiday-focused launches, also internationally – and always offers a good reason for the FactWorks team to check out newest developments and innovations in the field.

There is a race not only for new product launches like brand new really hot! smartphones (couldn’t resist), but also for who has the best new abbreviation. This year it seems to be 4k OLED, making the TV experience even brighter and more colorfully appealing. Not that new is the internet connection of all kinds of household devices. The ’internet of things’ is however still a growing topic and thus a refrigerator that tells you from the outside semi-transparent monitor what is inside and connects to a shopping list app is one of the stars of this year’s exhibition.

This might impact market research and the way respondents can be reached to get optimal usage and attitude assessments in a future not that far away – surveying via the fridge instead of the desktop PC or smartphone and getting online-ethnographic reads instantaneously, to name just a few possible scenarios. Or think of newest developments in virtual reality where future positioning and brand performance might also play a role in the digital space.

I guess I still prefer to just open the fridge door, but wonder when this might change – maybe if standing in the supermarket looking at my paper pencil shopping list doesn’t feel state-of-the-art anymore.

Sep 7, 2016 | NB


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